1600 Watt Missouri Raider Wind Turbine (black, 12 Volts)

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Wind Turbine Features:  

New Freedom PMGTM for efficient three phase power generation.

3 phase bridge rectifier for converting to DC output.

Heavy duty hub spacer/stabilizer.

PMG mounting bracket and heavy duty Stars & Stripes wind turbine tail

Mounting Bracket fits on 1.5″ schedule #40 or #80 pipe.

Comes with 11 gray or black RaptorTM carbon fiber composite blades.  Aerodynamically tapered blades for maximum output.  Made in Seymour Missouri U.S.A. by Missouri Wind and Solar  Makes 59″ to 62″ swept area. Overall length from blades to tail is 43″

No slip rings to fail or replace. Simple and effective, the turbine uses a wire tension system which will last a lifetime. The single power transmission cord never twists because the wind never spins the turbine around in the same direction hundreds of times. Typically, the wind only comes from two directions. It has yet to be an issue with any one of the thousands of turbines we have distributed.

Freedom PMGTM Features:

NO COGGING – Cut in wind speed of 6 MPH

17 mm Stainless steel shaft compatible with all Missouri Wind and Solar hubs

Polished aluminum case

Zinc plated 14 magnet rotor and skewed stator core

Specifically designed for wind turbines.

Fits delco bolt patterns and mounts up to our standard mounting bracket.

Freedom PMG Specifications:

3/8″ Diameter bolt holes

1 15/16″ on center between mounting holes  5 7/8″ OD Width  6 5/16″ Tall

Why buy a Freedom PMG over a Delco car alternator PMA?  Eeach Freedom PMG rotor contains twice as much copper than any Delco style PMA – more copper equals more power!Hot dipped galvanized wind turbine tail and mounting bracket for a 50 year finish.




Tips And Hints On Solar Power And Your Home

As a result of our current economic struggles, green energy has become more popular than ever. It is relatively inexpensive and a great money saver in these financially difficult times. Learn more about how to use green energy by reading this article. DIY Home Energy – Eaisly Make Electricity At Home

To help you use more green energy in your day to day life, contact your current energy or electricity provider to see if they offer a renewable-energy alternative. Many energy companies are beginning to offer environmentally sound, even higher priced energy services to cater to more socially conscious individuals.

Before you start incorporating green energy sources into your home, you should cut back on the amount of electricity you use. Make sure you’re not wasting power by leaving things turned on when you’re not using them. This way, when you make the switch over to alternative energy sources, you’ll be more efficient with your energy usage.

Are you still using oil heat? You could switch to a greener solution without replacing your furnace. Find a qualified technician to inspect your system and make sure you can switch to a biofuel. Biofuels are non-toxic, degradable and renewable sources of energy that you will be able to re-use.

Think about using the wind to power your home for an excellent source of green energy. You will not only be off the power grid, but the wind is an emission free source of energy that is in plentiful supply in many areas of the world. The initial cost may be high, but the savings in the long run are high as well.

Save energy, and your hard-earned dollars, by only using your washing machine and dishwasher when you have a full load. A small load uses just as much energy as a full load and accomplishes a lot less for the energy expenditure. Let laundry stack up another day or two in order to maximize savings and efficiency. Also consider drying clothes outdoors on a clothesline if allowed in your area. The fresh outdoorsy scent can’t be beat, and you will show a significant savings in your utility bill if you cut back on your dryer usage. Complete 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit with 1500W VertaMax Power Inverter for RV, Boat, Off-Grid 12 Volt Battery Systems

You do not have to spend a lot to be a green energy consumer. You can just change your habits and be green. You can certainly save big by driving the speed limit and not over use your gas pedal. You can save as much as 20 percent on gas if you just follow those two rules.

Using cold water in your washing machine whenever possible is a great way to save energy. The reason for this is that a significant amount of energy is required to heat water. In fact, about ninety percent of the energy consumed when washing clothes is used for heating water. Using hot water is more expensive for both you and the environment.

Try using a carpool if you want to reduce fuel consumption. If you have kids, set up a carpool system in your neighborhood and trade off days with other parents. Join with friends and family to do grocery shopping, visit the mall or even go to the movies.

If you cannot afford to invest in costly green energy solutions, consider moving to a smaller home. You will find that your energy needs decrease: you will save money on your energy bills and be able to afford a smaller solar roof or need a smaller quantity of biofuel to heat your home.

Get in touch with your local Business Bureau to find out more about local businesses specialized in green energy. Getting in touch with different business owners is a good way to explore your different options and get an idea of prices. Look for reviews on a business before you hire their services.

When you invest in green energy, you are not only helping to reduce any monthly electric bills you would normally have. You are also helping the environment by consuming less energy from outside sources allowing less green house gases to be emitted into the atmosphere which let’s the world become a healthier place to live in.

A great tip to help save energy is to rinse your dishes with cold water, particularly if you are using a dishwasher. Using hot water will cause your water heater to expend unnecessary energy, resulting in a higher electric bill. Avoid this by rinsing with cold water only.

Consider using rainwater for different things in your home, like your toilet. Your water bill will be reduced, and the environment will be a little less impacted. Collecting rain water isn’t difficult because all you need do is to place a number of glass jars outside before it rains, and then put a lid on the jars when they are full.  Green Energy – Simple New Way To Produce Energy At Home

The simple tips from this article on green energy will not only save people money, it also lets the environment become much more abundant. Going green can be a great way to lower your costs, and by utilizing the tips from this article, you can see how helpful and easy green energy really is.


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