Powerfly ECO Solar Powered Backpack 10000mAh Power Bank, 2L Hydration Pack, 7W Solar Panel – Hiking Camping Travel Portable Sun Charger Kit for Charging Tablet Camera Smart Phone

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Powerfly ECO Solar Powered Backpack 10000mAh Power Bank, 2L Hydration Pack, 7W Solar Panel – Hiking Camping Travel Portable Sun Charger Kit for Charging Tablet Camera Smart Phone

Effortless energy on the go
From Pokemon Go hunt to calling emergency rescue, it’s important to stay connected on the go. The Powerfly Backpack goes wherever you do and quietly charges your devices whenever it’s in the sun. This Powerfly daypack has a removable solar panel and a weatherproof power bank with a generous 10,000 mAh capacity which saves the sun’s power and stores charge for later like a battery. Top up the power bank as you walk, bike or hike and use the stored energy to power any USB-powered phone, camera or GPS.

Ready for any adventure
Designed for adventurers, the Powerfly Backpack is a 20L daypack with a 2L hydration pouch and over the shoulder hose. Empty, the bag is a trim 550g yet has the capacity to everything you need for a day out or even a weekend. You can easily tote a spare pair of shoes, a change of clothes, snacks and your gadgets making it a great choice for an active day out. Made of durable material (water-repellent polyester and 210D polyester) designed for hiking, it has padded straps and a waist belt for comfortable use throughout the day.

Portable solar charger
The solar panel can be unclipped and left in the sun or you can charge your iPhone, GoPro or other devices on the go by plugging it in and storing it in the zipped safety mesh. Your will be in easy reach and charging at the same time! And the power bank is powerful enough to charge a phone and a tablet at the same time and has a standard 1A charging port and two super-fast 2A ports. Everywhere you go, you’ll have the power to stay safe, stay connected and make the memories you want.

Removable Solar Panel
Output interface: USB port
Output voltage: 5V
Maximum output current: 1A
Operating t°: 15°F to +120°F
Solar cells lifetime: 5 years

Weatherproof Power Bank
Capacity: 10,000mAh
Input: 5V 2A (max)
Output 1: 5V 1A (max)
Output 2: 5V 2A (max)
Output 3: 5V 2A (max)Outdoor backpack with removable solar panel and power bank




Do You Know The Benefits Of Solar Energy? Read On.

In the past years, solar power energy has become popular. As the effects of pollution take their toll on the environment, more and more people are seeking more environmentally friendly options for their energy needs. To gain some useful information about solar energy, keep reading.

It’s important to have backup if your solar panels aren’t working properly. A generator is a good option, but you could also remain connected to the main power grid and draw power when your panels are down. If you opt for a generator, ensure that is properly working by doing maintenance at least once a month.

Is solar energy the right option for your house? There are several things you need to consider. Solar energy can be a must-have for those who live in remote areas where there is no available electrical grid to hook into. It may also benefit you if you spend a little bit extra when getting started so that you’re not taking a lot out on the environment. Solar Powered Backpack

Every year, solar power systems get better. Because of their increased popularity among homeowners and businesses, it is becoming a more affordable option. There are many different systems out there, so it is important to take your time to ensure you choose the best fit for you.

Are you tired of paying high heating bills or taking quick showers to conserve the hot water? Photovoltaic panels function best in areas where there’s a minimum of five uninterrupted sunlight hours. If you have a heated pool, solar water heating can cut down on how much you spend.

Seriously consider installing solar energy panels or another renewable power source if you are building a new home. Solar energy greatly reduces harm to the environment. This is the ideal time to conduct more research on solar energy.

If you are doing a solar conversion on your home, you should begin with the parts of the house that are convenient. For example, beginning with little appliances will help make the transition painless. A gradual conversion can help the long-term commitment.Solar Powered Backpack

You can add pathway lighting to your home or your business today to get started on harnessing the power of the sun. These small lights can absorb sunshine throughout the day and power the lights at night. You can dress up your landscape with these easy-to-install fixtures.

Keep the weather in mind when thinking about purchasing a solar system. Quality solar panels will produce enough energy for your home if you can count on at least five hours of unobstructed sunlight a day. If you have a lot of cloud cover, though, you may need to reevaluate your options.

Proper installation of your solar panels is essential for optimal functioning. The sun provides the energy, so the panels need to have unobstructed access to its rays.

How much shade does your home get? If your house is always covered by shade, solar panels probably aren’t in your best interest. If a shadow is case over your solar panels, their efficiency could drop by as much as 80%, which means you should consider other forms of green energy.

Avoid standing or walking on solar panels except when no other option is available. These are very expensive and you want them to work as they should. If walking on them is necessary, then ensure you do not walk on their ends because the ends are the most fragile parts of solar panels.

Use a clothesline to dry your clothes. It may be an old concept, but it is a valid one. After your clothes have been washed, take them outside on sunny days to dry. This will save you tons on your utility bills.

Roof mounted solar panels are the most common but are not the only choice. The more space you have around your building, the better. There are mounts that are adjustable, and there are also systems that allow the panels to track the sun so that you get more out of them than if they were just on the roof. If you want to use less space and maximize your exposure to the sun, consider using your roof. Solar Powered Backpack

You might have the ability to get a solar system installed very cheaply, or perhaps at no cost at all. The government wants people to use solar power so you may get some of your expenses covered.

Energy bills for a growing family can be high. From their video games to the microwave, they just don’t keep electricity conservation in mind. A switch to renewable solar energy can save you on energy costs without that extra effort. EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack (PREXECGY)

Do you understand everything solar power can provide? Generous power outputs and improved efficiency make solar energy a viable source of power. Solar energy is great for anyone to use. You and the world at large will be happy you did so.