Gooddealever 10W 12V Solar Panel Powered Fan Ventilator for RV Trailer Chicken House Dog House Roof Vent Multi-functional Charger

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Solar Panel Powered Fan

  • Green Energy Ventilator for greenhouse, dog house, chicken house, RV, trailer
  • Package includes: 1x Solar panel, 1x USB fan, 1x USB adapter, 1x Alligator clips
  • Flexible solar panel 12V battery charger for auto, yacht, vehicle, truck
  • Multi-functional solar panel charger is flexible and waterproof for DIY solar project
  • The solar panel runs the fan under direct sun. The USB fan works by any USB power.

Multi-functional Solar panel works as 12V charger for auto yacht battery and also run the fan under sun.

Package includes:
1x flexible solar panel
1x 8” USB fan
1x Alligator clips
1x USB adapter

Solar panel power: 10W (max)
Panel size: 7” * 14”
When it is connected to the alligator clips, it works as alternative charger for 12V batteries.
It works for auto, yacht, truck, motor 12V batteries.
The alligator clips is attached with diode, to prevent reverse charging.
The solar panel is waterproof for outdoor use.

When the solar panel is connect to the 5V USB adapter, it works as 5V battery charger for some cellphones and electronic products.
It runs the USB fan as green energy ventilator for RV, touring car, pet house, tree house, dog house, chicken house, greenhouse and etc.
Fan Size: 10”*9”*5”, Light, Portable, Not Waterproof
Fan cable: 40 inches long.
The fan can work alone fast on computer or with USB plug. It has two speeds. Speed 2 runs faster when plugged to a computer or USB power plug.
The fan is NOT chargeable. The solar panel runs the fan fast under direct sunshine. The fan works slowly or stops working when the sunshine is weak.

The solar panel is waterproof, so it can be left outdoors all the day long. But the USB port and the fan is not waterproof. If you want to leave the solar panel fan outdoors, we suggest you use a duct tape to product the USB port and the cable.

Shipping make take 7-15 business days by USPS.


Gooddealever 10W 12V Solar Panel Powered Fan Ventilator for RV Trailer Chicken House Dog House Roof Vent Multi-functional Charger





Getting Into Solar Energy? Read This Article!

Believe it or not, solar energy is not as complicated as you may think. All that’s needed is the proper information to make the most of all the opportunities that are available. Continue to read this article to find out how solar power can benefit your business or home.

A solar heating system for your water is very helpful to the environment. Varied types of solar heaters are available. You can opt for a model with a tank or go with a tankless model. Install either on your roof or in a particular sunny spot.

You can start out small by using small-scale solar power applications. There are two ways you can take care of this. The first is to get solar panels that you can attach onto windows – these can be used to recharge portable electronic gadgets. Also, you can maximize your camping adventure through lanterns that are solar powered. Each tiny bit helps you lower those bills!

Just because you have a lot of cloud cover does not mean you can’t get solar power! Solar energy does not require direct sunlight or a particular temperature. People often claim that they are able to get the most solar energy on days like these.

Before you buy a solar energy system, be sure you have a good idea about the finances involved. You may not be able to afford them or justify how much they will cost. If you wait to see if they are going to save you money after your purchase, you could end up being very unpleasantly surprised.

Instead of turning solar power into electricity, you can instead use it to heat water or even your home. You will need 5 hours of sunlight a day to keep the panels working their best. One of the major costs of a pool is heat, and solar heating can greatly reduce this cost.

Converting should be convenient. Starting with smaller appliances will help you transition without disrupting your daily routine. You can convert gradually, which will allow you to focus on a long-term commitment.

When you own your home outright, set up a full-scale system for collecting solar power. However, think long and hard before doing so. If there is a chance of losing your home, you will also lose any money you invest in it.

Panels need to be placed where the most sunlight is found. It is helpful to periodically check to make sure nothing is causing shade, like a tree or new building in the area.

As far as solar energy panels are concerned, size isn’t everything. Many factors go into solar panels from wattage, to the materials in them. You need to consider many different factors when investing in solar panels.

Whatever solar energy system you pick, be sure your panels are turned toward the sun. Your solar energy system will be more efficient if your panels are always facing the sun, even if it means adjusting them throughout the seasons.

Prior to determining whether solar panels are a good fit for your needs, take a look at how much shade surrounds your home. You may not want to go with solar energy if there is shade over your home often. Shade tends to limit how much solar energy you can harness, rendering solar panels rather ineffective.

Look at installing solar panels just like another major project for your home. Research your potential contractors, look into references, and compare side-by-side the prices. Read contracts carefully and do not hesitate to have a legal specialist go over the contracts to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Always check out the reputation of any company before hiring them to install and maintain your solar panels. Your business should go to a company that will be around in the future. This is important in terms of the warranty. You will feel safer in knowing that, if you needed to, you can get replacement panels.

Having sun trackers installed are great for getting the most solar energy you can. A sun tracker automatically adjusts your panels to the optimal angle for capturing sunlight. They are more costly, but they produce more energy, which makes up for the cost.

To save money, think about grid tied panel systems. Using a grid-tied system allows you to sell extra energy that you do not need back to the power company. This will let you save even more money.

If you meet certain criteria, it’s possible that you could install a solar-powered system for a reduced price. In some cases, the cost may be waived entirely. The government is working hard to promote the benefits of this power source, and in return for installing a system, many will give you a grant to cover part or all of the expense.

The failure of certain companies with a high profile does not mean that solar power is a failed idea. In fact, you can still reduce the amount of your energy bill. Focus on local companies that offer solar energy solutions to ensure you’ll have the support you need when you need it.

You should be able to find a quality solar-powered water heater for five thousand dollars. This can help you stay green for a long time to come. Solar panels can be installed gradually.

Your solar energy expert can help you decide on the optimum place for your panels and how many panels you may require for your needs. It may be better to install several smaller panels instead of one larger panel.

Check your solar panels regularly to ensure they stay in good condition. Solar energy panels don’t need much maintenance, but you should still check them to be sure they haven’t been damaged and aren’t dirty. Being proactive when it comes to the maintenance of your solar energy system can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

You now should know much more about solar energy. You can design your solar energy plan with confidence now that you are armed with this knowledge. You should realize that this is the best method for you. Because you’ve read this article, you know how to begin.