Residential Backup with 9.6kWh Renewable Energy Storage solar controller

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The product is the manifestation of the belief the world of energy is moving away from central generation and towards distributed-generation (DG). To realize the full potential of this inevitable and monumental transition we need to innovate with ideas, products and technologies. One of the key elements of success is the recognition to allow various sources of energy to coexist in harmony. Our customers would have to be able to effectively and efficiently combine the use of renewable energy, the grid, energy storage and a local generator.
Clearly, the underlying effort of improving energy efficiency is critical. However, we need to also continue our focus on energy availability. The unit is the first in a series of products offered by SPE targeting energy availability in a world of increasing DG.
Although the unit is the first product of its kind, it is important to highlight its advantages over other products in the market, like UL Listing. While Energizer is not the only product with these differentiating features, it is the only product that brings all of these features into a single, well-integrated platform:

Embedded Transfer Switch
In grid-tied applications where the grid is the main source of energy, seamless battery back-up connectivity is critical for high energy availability applications. Switching the entire load from the grid onto the local, battery-generated micro-grid is the job of the transfer switch. The unit is equipped with a transfer switch capable of switching to the local micro-grid in 16 ms which is less than one cycle of the 60 Hz grid.

Seamless Wind Turbine Integration
The unit is the only Energy Storage System available with embedded wind turbine integration capabilities. It even includes a direct anemometer interface to monitor wind speed and wind energy production.Renewable Energy Storage, 9.6kWh Advanced Energy Storage (AES) Sealed Lead Acid Storage


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