Falcon Mach 5TM Blade and Hub SetSet of 5 Falcon blades, hub, and the accompanying nuts and bolts.Tested to 95 mph winds.Large 62" diameter swept areaComponents Description:Hub:.1875 1018 zinc plated steel.25"...

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The Inergy Bar is potent. A 10,000 mAh battery bank will recharge up to 4 smartphones, several GoPro batteries, 1 tablet, or multiple other USB devices. Weighing only 12 ounces, this versatile generator is the lightest in its class, yet powerful...

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This is the generator that is powered by the sun and provides emergency electricity for many of your home appliances. Unlike noisy gas or propane generators that produce noxious fumes, this advanced green model is silent and provides zero-emission...

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Texas Instruments TI-108 Solar Calculator ideal for grades K - 3, has four basic function keys plus percent, square root, plus/minus key and an automatic constant, all color coded in sturdy plastic to withstand use from the younger kids. Colorful...

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Features:High performance maximum power point tracking (MPPT)Reverse power transmissionIntelligent monitoring managementInput /output is fully isolated to protect the electrical safetyMultiple parallel stackingDigital...

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The Windy Nation 100 Watt Complete Solar Charging Kit comes with everything you need to start producing free, clean power from the sun! Perfect for RV's, boats, cabins and back-up power! WindyNation's 100 Watt Solar Kit includes EVERYTHING you need...

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Specifications:1)Continuous Power:4000W2)Peak Power:8000W3)AC output voltage:220V4)DC input Voltage:12V5)Waveform:Modified Sine Wave6)AC output frequency:50/60±4 Hz7)DC Voltage range:10.5~15.0V8)DC Non-load Current...

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1. 400W Wind Turbine GeneratorRated Power: 400WNominal Voltage: DC12-24VService Voltage: DC12-24VCut-in Wind Speed: 2.5m/sRated Wind Speed: 10.5m/sMaximum wind speed: 35m/sRated Rotate Speed: 800r/minbattery capacity:...

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Specification:Model no SCL-10ARated charge current 10ARated load current 10AWork voltage 12/24V AutoOver load, short circuit protection 1.25 rated load current 60sec, 1.5 rated loads current 5sec, over load protection action....

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TFS (tm) Solar Generator is Designed, Engineered, & Manufactured For Performance. "The Only Solar Generator on the Market with Bluetooth Battery Check Technology." Small foot print Solar Generator. 1250 Watt Inverter - Portable Case on Wheels-...

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Package included:1. solar panel mounting arms2. Main Tracker Mount3. SunTura Solar Tracker Electronics4. Fasteners5. Main poles for solar panel mounting (you just dig a hole and put my pole in , use cement to fix the...

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More Models are availableSUN-250G: B004TVEF8Y, Wind-250G: B008BDAQDYSun-300G: B005N2WHDI, Wind-300G (10.8V ~ 30VAC) : B007WQBK2C, Wind-300G (10.8V ~ 30VDC): B005N2OLZUSun-500G: B008CNM1SQ, Sun-S500G-HI: B005N29SGMWind-500G...

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Is It a Hassle to Take Down Your Flag When it gets Dark? Did You Know that the US Flag Code Suggests that the US Flag Should be Lit at Night?Presenting the often-imitated, never-duplicated Best Solar Flag Light on Amazon by Sunnytech, now with...

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Description The main advantage of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is that power loss in the switching devices is very low. When a switch is off, there is practically no current. When the device is on, there is almost no voltage drop across the switch....

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The Venture 30 is more than just a battery, it's a lifeline to adventure, a conduit for exploration. Use it to keep the moment alive, to push the limits of your creation, to keep the essential charged and ready for what happens next - no matter the...

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Wide DC voltage range: DC11v-28v, AC 90-130v, Normal AC Output Power:450W;Max AC Output Power: 500WFor 12v solar panel systemHigh frequency and high efficiencyMaximum Power Point TrackingLED light show different working...

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The Lion Energy (formerly Humless Fuel-Less) is one of the best portable power sources available. Providing a clean, safe and mobile power outlet anywhere you want or need power. It can provide direct 12v DC power from the lithium based 600 watt...

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Carmanah Go Power! 125 Watt Solar Charging Kit is a complete plug and play 125 watt 7 ampere per hour charging kit. Comes with everything needed to install this charging kit into your RV, boat, or cabin. 25 year warranty on the solar module....

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