Humless L-1500 Fuel-Less Lion Energy Generator

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The Lion Energy (formerly Humless Fuel-Less) is one of the best portable power sources available. Providing a clean, safe and mobile power outlet anywhere you want or need power. It can provide direct 12v DC power from the lithium based 600 watt hour (50AH) internal battery.

What sets the LionEnergy L-1500 apart and really makes it better than other battery packs or portable power sources is the lithium iron phosphate ( LiFePO4) battery that resides inside the L-1500. Not only is it much lighter than lead acid batteries but the lithium battery will provide more power per pound than sealed lead acid batteries which are the type primarily used in other comparable battery powerpack systems.

Technical jargon aside, it simply means more power output and total power capacity in a smaller lighter weight box. The Lion Energy L-1500’s battery can be charged 3-6 times more in terms of cycle life. The Lion Energy’s lithium battery can also sit in storage for a year or more without needing to be recharged. The L-1500 can be charged multiple ways from a regular AC wall outlet or from 12v – 50v alternative DC power sources such as a solar generator panel, a pedal or hand crank dynamo.

The L-1500 stores the captured power in a state of the art Lithium Battery pack to be taken with you and used whenever or where ever you might need it. Built in are 4x 2.1A USB ports to allow you to easily charge or power whatever USB type portable electronic devices or appliances you have. Whether you need to power a laptop, computer, medical device like a CPAP or BiPAP, run a fan or lights during an emergency or power outage, or simply watch a movie in the great outdoors, the Lion Energy L-1500 will give you the power you need when you need it.

With the whole package weighing in at 38 lbs, it’s transportable enough to take wherever you want to go. The L-1500 provides power on demand that is quiet and safe enough to use inside your home, car, RV, trailer or tent.Lion Energy L1500 Generator by Humless/Fuel-Less includes: generator, AC power cord and detachable strap.





How To Use Solar Energy At Your Business

You’ve heard of solar energy? Solar power uses energy provided by the sun. It is also safe for the environment. This article has the tips you need to get started. Sky For Energy – Never Pay For Electricity Again

Your solar panels’ density will impact their efficiency. Though they’re pricier, higher density panels will give you more power. Compare a variety of panel densities prior to making a purchase decision.

You must determine a storage plan for the energy generated by your solar power system. Batteries can store energy until you are ready to use it. Also, you can sell excess energy to your power company for even greater savings.

You don’t have to remove your whole roof to use solar energy. You will need to start with the outside lights and replace them with solar powered lights. They gather energy during the day to light up at night. Just be aware that they may not work during long winter nights or predawn times.

If you are going to rent a solar energy system rather than purchasing it, be sure the contract you sign allows you to transfer the lease. You don’t want to have to pay off your solar energy system lease when you are living somewhere else! A transfer option allows you to put the lease in the name of the new owners.

Every year solar systems evolve. While you will still need to evaluate your situation, there are now more and more situations where solar power actually saves money. You can find the proper unit for your home with just a little homework and effort.

Your solar panels will produce more energy if their exposure to the sun is optimal. Take into account the seasons of the year and adjust accordingly.

Although it may appear that solar panels are permanently attached to the roof, the best systems for generating the most electricity allow the angle of panels to be repositioned throughout the seasons. But if you have to have a fixed panel, choose the best compromise between positions that you can.

Though solar cars would surely reduce carbon pollution greatly, technology still lags in this area. Having said that, small power machines that run on solar energy are available. There are generators available that are powered by solar energy.

If you do not want to make a total commitment to solar power, think about using some solar-energized attic fans. These fans have temperature sensors which can send the fans into operation at certain temperatures. Heat is removed from the air, requiring less energy by your A/C unit. Also, since it is run off of the sun’s rays, it won’t add anything to your electricity bill.

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to put the power of solar energy to work in your home or office is pathway lighting. Pathway lights glean energy from sun during the daylight and use it to light up at night. You can dress up your landscape with these easy-to-install fixtures.

Is solar energy right for you? You have many things to consider before making a decision. Are you outside the main utility grid because you live in a more rural area? It may also be a good option if you don’t mind paying more upfront money to reduce the environmental impact of your energy.

Solar panels are installed initially at the optimal location and angle that maximizes exposure to the sun, but things can happen over time that adversely affects the exposure. Check for tree blocking the sun’s rays and decreasing the efficiency of your panels.

Prior to making your decisions about solar panels, determine how much shade is around your house. If your home is fully shaded most of the day, solar panels might not be the best option. Shade limits the sun’s performance on solar panels. This reduces the effectiveness and cost efficiency of solar heat.

If you are new to solar energy and cannot afford to purchase solar panels, consider leasing them. Leasing is not as expensive as buying, and you can realize your savings sooner, like around a few weeks.

Solar panels can be costly, so you may want to buy the smallest number possible. Have a professional perform an energy audit of the home you live in. Doing this will show you areas of your home that are wasting energy; therefore, you can change some things. This will allow you to use fewer solar panels.

Most solar installations are currently set up to save, or even earn, money. If you do make the investment, you should definitely start seeing a return on it very quickly. As an added bonus, any excess energy that is produced can be sold back to the power company.

You should check into getting a discount for your solar energy system. You may even be able to get it for free. Governments give such great rebates and grants and this might be true where you live. Find out more by contacting them.

Solar heating generally cost only $4000-$6000. Your monthly saving will add up and your solar powered system will pay for itself and pay you back in the years after that. With regards to solar panels, it is okay to install them slowly over time.

If solar panels are something you’re interested in, you should start looking carefully at the weather. If your area gets unobstructed sunlight for a minimum of five hours each day, your home can get what it needs from solar panels. If you enjoy cloudy or snowy days often during wintertime, you are going to want to look at other green energy options.

Begin your purchasing process by estimating your electrical needs, amount of sunlight in the solar panels location. Then, choose the size and shape of your panels. You can invest in smaller panels or may find that larger panels are more suited for your needs.

When designing your new home, be sure to add lots of big, south-facing windows in order to get lots of sun in the winter. Make sure you have methods in place to keep excess heat out during the warmer summer months. Consult a design professional to create the most energy efficient home possible.

Many cleaning products exist to help you clean solar panels, some help reduce your time cleaning. The object is to find products that expedite the cleaning process. They work hand in hand with the rain also, in keeping your unit clean. This will reduce how often you are cleaning the system.

Get your solar system checked two times per year to make certain it is performing well. This check involves examination of the connections as a means to make sure that the panels are angled properly and that the power inverter remains in good working order. DIY Home Energy – Easily Make Electricity At Home

Now that you have learned more about solar power, you can proceed to the next step. Your new knowledge on this subject will only be of use by actually applying it. Use these tips to begin using solar energy now. Talk to your friends and get them to use solar energy.



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