ECOSMART 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater for Radiant Heating

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This Smart Technology electric tankless water heater is configured for climates where incoming water temperature is 62°F and above. The ECO 18 is capable of heating over 2.5 gallons per minute, which is the equivalent of one shower head and one sink. Two showers can be run simultaneously when incoming water temperature is above 70°F. Hot Water (Hydronic) Radiant Floors – Hydronic (liquid) systems are the most popular and cost-effective radiant heating systems for heating-dominated climates.

All radiant heating types and systems require an energy source. Traditionally, these sources were standard electric, gas, or oil fired boilers, wood-fired boilers, solar water heaters. Ecosmart electric tankless water heaters are 99.8% efficient making them the most efficient energy source for radiant heating. Ecosmart’s heaters are able to operate on “closed loop” systems because the exclusive self-modulating technology reads the inlet water temperature, flow rate and output setting to calculate the amount of energy needed to heat the given demand.

Eliminating the need to keep a large tank or boiler continuously hot, Ecosmart tankless water heaters provide endless hot water on demand. Prior to purchase and installation please verify this model is the rights size for your hot water needs and electrical requirements. Temperature Rise for ECO 18 * 123 degrees at 1.0 GPM * 61 degrees at 2.0 GPM * 48 degrees at 3.0 GPM * 31 degrees at 4.0 GPM * 25 degrees at 5.0 GPM * 21 degrees at 6.0 GPM Specification ECO 18 * Voltage 240 * Phase Single * KW 18 kW * Elements 2 x 9 KW @ 240 V * Amperage Draw 75 Amps * Required Breaker 2 x 40 DP * Required Wire 2 x 8 AWG * Electrical Panel 150 Amps * HZ 50/60 * Pipes fittings 3/4″ NPT * Dimensions (in.) 18″ x 14″ x 3.75″ * Weight 11.25 lbs. * Exchanger Copper * Activation flow .25 GPM * Energy Efficiency 99.8 % * Certification: UL/CSAVoltage 240



How You Can Run Your Home On Solar Power

Maybe you’ve watched a TV show about someone who has altered their home to use green energy, or maybe you’re just concerned about the environment and want to change your own home. Whatever your motivation, this article is a great start for anyone who wants to start using green energy today.

Air dry your laundry. If the weather allows you to, after you wash your laundry, instead of running it through the dryer, dry it on a clothesline outside. Let the sun and wind dry your clothes for you. Using an electric dryer will only use up energy, and if the weather is nice, you can save energy easily. In addition, your clothes will last longer.

If you live in a sunny area, you could generate your own energy. Invest in PV cells and have a professional install them on your roof. You should have your needs in electricity assessed by a professional to make sure your solar installation will provide enough power for your home.

If you are interested in alternative energy sources, you can start by contacting your current energy provider to see if they have anything to offer. Many companies are now able to harness power from solar and wind power. This may cost you more, as there is a price for the extra work involved in tapping these sources, but you will be doing the environment a favor!

A good way to begin your quest for green energy is to use alternative sources to heat your home. While wood stoves have been relied upon for countless years, the newer trend is toward pellet stoves. The pellets are composed of compressed sawdust and take up far less space than a wood-pile.

Make sure that your home is completely sealed from all drafts, if you want to live green and use the principals of green energy. Windows and doors are your biggest culprits for letting hot and cold air out of your home. So, seal them up and start saving money. ECO-WORTHY 100 Watt 100w Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module 12 Volt 12V Battery Charging

Switch all of your home’s light bulbs to more energy-efficient ones. Even though they may be more pricey than normal bulbs, they will save you money in the long run, by lowering your electricity bill. They not only produce more light than other bulbs, but they also last much longer.

Using green energies is not an excuse to use more energy than you really need. Do not forget to turn the lights off when you leave a room and putting on a sweater instead of turning the heat up. Even if green energies are cheaper, you should still do your best to save as much energy as you can.

If specific areas of your home feel cold or drafty, then chances are they are not properly sealed or insulated. These deficiencies can greatly increase the cost of heating or cooling your home and are often an easy fix. Seal any holes you identify and get a price estimate for adding insulation to thin walls.

If offered in your location, try to switch your electricity company to a Green Power service provider. This is a great way to protect the environment and save you money. If you are unsure if you have one of these providers in your area, the Internet is great resource to find out.

The tips in this article are many, but they are all so easy to use that you’ll be able to implement each within your own home. Make the changes necessary and monitor the benefits you get from each, then you can select which are working and which don’t fit your needs. You’ll be energy-independent in no time!


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