200 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Kit, ACOPower 12V Battery Ready Kit, Easy Set Up and Portable

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200 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Kit

  • Battery Ready: 2 pieces folding 100W high module conversion efficiency Grade A monocrystalline solar panels with 20A LCD charge controller enable it to be a 12V battery ready kit
  • Portable and Set up: with pre-installed stands, they panel does not need mounting brackets to hook up on ground; weight 48.8 lbs and 39.6 x 27.2 IN size, it could offer the max power where one person would take
  • If you have your own charge controller, or you want to connect the panel to your generator / battery inverter then you would get another way to use it as a solar panel with MC4 connectors only
  • Design with Details: corner protectors, Anderson plug, MC4 connectors, Junction box with diodes, handle, latches, fuse, carrying bag / suitcase; aluminum frame for solid and light weight structure; from design to packing
  • For Pre-wired Zamp Solar RV or Camper: please search a SAE adapter https://goo.gl/WuT6PN
  • 200 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Kit


Description .
ACOPOWER All Black 200W Mono Foldable Solar Panel with Charge Controller is the key component to a system when going solar Off -Grid system. These panels are relatively compact and are a breeze to set up. Whether you are going camping in the mountains or taking a trip to the beach, this panel can be a great start to your off-grid system! This panel has several uses including marine, dry camp, RVS and other off-grid applications. ACOPOWER Provides cost-effective solar panels and Free Professional Engineering Services.

Main Features:
•Well-built structure folding and portable.
•High efficiency conversion rate solar cells
•10A charge controller
•Could charge 12V deep cycle battery: AGM, Flooded, GEL, Sealed with built-in charge controller by clamps (red) to (positive) and (black) to (negative)
•Could charge generator: connecting MC4 connectors to generator’s adapter
•Could charge both generator and battery at the same time
•Pre-wired and installed, battery or generator ready kit
•Allow build a parallel solar panel system by MC4 connectors with additional pv panel (Max 200W)
•Mounting pre-installed, set up in 1 min without tools
•Waterproof for any weather conditions
•Portable and suitcase design
•Electronic protection from overheating, over charging, over discharging,

Peak Power (Pmax):2*100Wp
Peak Circuit Voltage(Voc):21.1V
Max Power Voltage(Vmp):17.6V
Short Circuit Current(Isc):12.34A
Max Power Current(Imp):11.43A
Power Tolerance Range:0~ +3%
Dimension: Folded size: 39.6 x 26.4 x1.4 inches
Weight:48.8 lb
Working Current: 10A
Working Mode: PWM ChargingBattery Ready: 2 pieces folding 100W high module conversion efficiency Grade A monocrystalline solar panels with 20A LCD charge controller enable it to be a 12V battery ready kit




There Is No Need To Research Solar Energy, This Article Has It All

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular. Both commercial and residential properties are learning that making the switch to solar power is not only good for the planet, but reduces electricity costs as well. The article below will help you learn all about solar energy.

If you do not live in a sunny area, you can still get good results from solar energy. You don’t need direct sunlight at a certain temperature for this to be a major player for your energy needs. Actually, many people feel that overcast days are the best days for solar energy production.

Really look at the numbers before you get solar panels. Depending on your location, solar panels may not be worth the investment. Going into solar without researching it can leave you in for a poor surprise when you see the numbers.

Many governments worldwide may provide credits on taxes for changing to solar power. You may receive tax breaks up to 30 percent of the initial cost of the system. Contact a local representative or look on the Internet for more information to see what programs are near you.

Solar energy systems just get better and better as the years pass. The costs have dropped and the rigs are more efficient than ever. Regardless of the size of the installation you want to use, there is something available that will fit your needs.

The benefits of solar power increase with each year as improvements continue to be made. Each year brings advances in solar technology that make them more efficient and less expensive. You could invest in a small-scale system such as a solar-powered generator or a solar-powered water heater.

If you’re building your own home, then this is an excellent time for you to consider solar energy. Solar energy is going to be the next energy production that has practically non-existent environmental effects. If you haven’t considered this source of energy, this would an appropriate time to do it.

What many people fail to understand is that solar energy systems allow you to avoid being hooked to the power grid. The solar power system provides your home with all the electricity it needs; therefore, you do not have to worry about losing power whenever your city does. This means you won’t have to pay a monthly power bill any more or set up power service when you move homes.

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge into a solar power system, consider using a solar attic fan. These devices contain temperature sensors that enable them to turn on whenever it gets too hot. You’ll reduce the cost of cooling your home by having this solar-powered attic fan remove hot air from your home. This is a great option because it costs you nothing to run it, since it is completely powered by the sun.

Look at adding a solar system for heating water with an eye to pragmatism. The best systems are one third more economical when compared to energy efficient electric water heaters. Second, don’t think that just because you shower in the dark means you’ll have to deal with cold water. The water in the tank should stay hot for at least 24 hours.

Every season, adjust the angle of the solar panels. When the seasons begin to change, the amount and direction of sunlight that hits your home will change too. When you change the angle, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the most energy that you can.

Always check out the reputation of any company before hiring them to install and maintain your solar panels. You should give your business to a solid company who will be around in years to come. This is important for warranty coverage. If you need replacement panels, you will know that you can obtain them.

Consider your needs and usage to help you determine how solar power can fit into your life. For instance, solar panel systems often can only partially heat a home. That said, they could power your water heater. Understanding these difference can help you make tough decisions.

Using solar energy will save you a lot of money. Whether you go solar at home or at your place of business, your investment will soon pay for itself and may even begin to generate money. The additional bonus is that you are able to sell any extra unused electricity produced back to the utility company to get electricity credits.

Don’t let the fact that some solar energy companies have folded recently fool you into believing that it’s not a worthwhile source of power. In fact, it can still save you a ton of money on your home energy bills. Find vendors and contractors in your area, and talk with homeowners who have invested in solar energy systems.

A shaded roof is not going to make use of the available sunlight. Any company which says otherwise is questionable. They are not telling the truth.

Check your solar panels regularly to ensure they stay in good condition. Though solar panels require little maintenance, you need to check them regularly anyhow. You don’t want to be surprised by a big utility bill.

A hose is a great way to get your panels looking clean. If you use a hose once a week there is a good chance that you will not need to get up onto the roof to do the cleaning. It will also clean your panels without having to worry about scratches.

Do some research about leasing a solar energy system. Leasing solar panels should be more affordable than buying a full-scale system. Many companies now offer solar panel leasing, making it a smart way to start the switch to solar energy sooner rather than later.

Provided you were able to read this piece without any biases, you should have gained some helpful knowledge about solar energy options and benefits. It’s a great way to reduce costs and save our crumbling planet. Put to use the information that you have gathered on solar panels today.